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The Summer Sale 2017 at GOG - Part 5

Furrek | 2017-06-12 14:30:00 UTC
The Summer Sale 2017 at GOG - Part 5

Spore Collection (80% off), Warrior Kings (80% off), Worms Armageddon (80% off), FTL: Advanced Edition (75% off), HuniePop (75% off) and more! Get Rebel Galaxy for FREE with your first sale purchase! Spend at least $10 and get Alan Wake's American Nightmare for FREE!

Game title DRM Current
Cut Local
Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Age of Wonders 3 Deluxe Edition$8.79$34.9974%$8.79
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Anomaly 2$1.49$14.9990%$1.49
Anomaly Defenders$0.99$9.9990%$0.99
Anomaly Korea$0.99$4.9980%$0.99
Anomaly Warzone Earth$0.99$9.9990%$0.99
Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign$1.29$4.9974%$1.29
Breach & Clear$2.29$14.9984%$2.29
Breach & Clear: DEADline Rebirth$2.99$19.9985%$2.99
Creatures Exodus$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Creatures Village$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Creatures: The Albian Years$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Crusader Kings Complete$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Cultures 1+2$1.99$9.9980%$1.99
Cultures: Northland + 8th Wonder of the World$1.99$9.9980%$1.99
Democracy 3$6.29$24.9974%$6.29
Door Kickers$2.99$19.9985%$2.99
Earth 2140 Trilogy$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Earth 2150 Trilogy$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Earth 2160$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition$3.33$9.9966%$3.33
Empire Earth 3$3.39$9.9966%$3.39
Empire Earth Gold Edition$1.99$5.9966%$1.99
Etherlords 2$2.99$5.9950%$2.99
Europa Universalis$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Europa Universalis II$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Europa Universalis III Complete$3.79$14.9974%$3.79
Europa Universalis III: Collection Upgrade$6.29$24.9974%$6.29
Europa Universalis: Rome Gold$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
For The Glory: A Europa Universalis Game$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Frozen Synapse$2.49$24.9990%$2.49
Frozen Synapse: Red$0.99$9.9990%$0.99
Full Spectrum Warrior$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Heroes of Might and Magic 4: Complete$3.33$9.9966%$3.33
Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Bundle$6.66$19.9966%$6.66
Impossible Creatures$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Jagged Alliance$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
King's Bounty: Crossworlds GOTY$3.74$14.9975%$3.74
King's Bounty: Dark Side$3.79$12.9974%$3.79
King's Bounty: The Legend$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
King's Bounty: Warriors of the North$3.79$9.9974%$3.79
Majesty 2 Collection$4.99$19.9975%$4.99
Majesty Gold HD$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Master of Orion$14.99$29.9950%$14.99
Men of War$1.19$4.9980%$1.19
Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY Edition$2.99$14.9980%$2.99
Men of War: Red Tide$1.19$4.9980%$1.19
Men of War: Vietnam Special Edition$2.99$14.9980%$2.99
Panzer General 3D Assault$3.39$9.9966%$3.39
Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Populous: The Beginning$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
SPORE Collection$7.49$29.9975%$7.49
Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary, The$3.33$9.9966%$3.33
Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection$3.39$9.9966%$3.39
Settlers 4: Gold Edition, The$3.39$9.9966%$3.39
Settlers: Rise of an Empire - Gold Edition, The$9.99$19.9950%$9.99
SimCity 2000 Special Edition$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
SimCity 3000 Unlimited$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition$4.99$19.9975%$4.99
Stronghold Crusader 2$4.99$39.9990%$4.99
Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
The Settlers 2: Gold Edition$3.39$9.9966%$3.39
Tropico 3 Gold Edition$2.99$14.9980%$2.99
Tropico 4$2.99$14.9980%$2.99
Tropico 5: Complete Collection$9.99$34.9975%$9.99
Tropico Reloaded$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Warrior Kings$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Warrior Kings: Battles$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Worms 2$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Worms Forts: Under Siege$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Worms United$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Worms W.M.D$14.99$29.9950%$14.99
Worms World Party Remastered$3.74$14.9975%$3.74
Worms: Armageddon$2.99$14.9980%$2.99
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