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GOG - Big Winter Sale

remike | 2015-12-02 18:17:46 UTC
GOG - Big Winter Sale

Two week of sales with 500+ daily deals up to 90% off and 18 bundles (over the course of the promo).  Mystery game for 3 USD (each worth between $9.99 and $34.99).  Earn free games while shopping!


  • The Divine Pack (70/85% off)
  • STAR WARS Blaster Bundle (40/60% off)
  • STAR WARS Saber Bundle (60/77% off)
  • Lucasfilm Classics (60/75% off)

Individual deals:

Game title DRM Current
Cut Local
AI War Collection$3.39$16.9980%$3.39
Alan Wake$7.49$29.9975%$7.49
Alan Wake's American Nightmare$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Bad Mojo Redux$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Beyond Divinity$1.79$5.9970%$1.79
Call of Cthulhu: Prisoner of Ice$1.99$5.9966%$1.99
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet$1.99$5.9966%$1.99
Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now$1.99$9.9980%$1.99
Carmageddon Max Pack$1.99$9.9980%$1.99
Chroma Squad$8.99$14.9940%$8.99
Democracy 3$7.49$24.9970%$7.49
Democracy 3: Clones and Drones$2.49$4.9950%$2.49
Democracy 3: Extremism$1.29$4.9974%$1.29
Democracy 3: Social Engineering$1.29$4.9974%$1.29
Deus Ex 2: Invisible War$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Deus Ex GOTY Edition$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Divinity 2: Developer's Cut$5.99$19.9970%$5.99
Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition$13.49$44.9970%$13.49
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition$26.69$39.9933%$26.69
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Collector's Edition$46.69$69.9933%$46.69
Door Kickers$3.99$19.9980%$3.99
Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition$13.99$34.9960%$13.99
Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition Upgrade$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut$11.99$24.9960%$11.99
Eschalon: Book I$1.19$0.0080%$1.19
Eschalon: Book II$1.99$5.9980%$1.99
Eschalon: Book III$2.99$9.9980%$2.99
Falcon Collection$4.99$9.9950%$4.99
Fantasy General$1.99$5.9966%$1.99
Frozen Synapse$4.99$24.9980%$4.99
Frozen Synapse: Red$1.99$9.9980%$1.99
Gods Will Be Watching$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Gods Will Be Watching: Special Edition$7.99$19.9960%$7.99
Gods Will Be Watching: Special Edition Upgrade$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Grandia II Anniversary Edition$9.99$19.9950%$9.99
Hatoful Boyfriend$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Her Story$3.59$5.9940%$3.59
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
Kerbal Space Program$23.99$39.9940%$23.99
Lichdom: Battlemage$4.99$39.9987%$4.99
Lumino City$4.99$19.9975%$4.99
Masterplan, The$7.99$19.9960%$7.99
Metro 2033 Redux$4.99$19.9975%$4.99
Metro: Last Light Redux$4.99$19.9975%$4.99
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Mushroom 11$9.99$14.9933%$9.99
Mushroom 11 Soundtrack$6.69$9.9933%$6.69
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood$5.99$14.9960%$5.99
Outlast: Whistleblower$2.29$8.9974%$2.29
Outlaws + A Handful of Missions$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
Pacific General$1.99$5.9966%$1.99
Pillars of Eternity: Champion Edition$29.99$59.9950%$29.99
Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition$22.49$29.9950%$22.49
Pillars of Eternity: Royal Edition$44.99$89.9950%$44.99
Police Quest Collection$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Police Quest: SWAT 1+2$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Rebel Galaxy$13.39$19.9933%$13.39
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale$4.99$19.9975%$4.99
STAR WARS Battlefront II (Classic, 2005)$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
STAR WARS Empire at War: Gold Pack$7.99$19.9960%$7.99
STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds Saga$3.59$5.9940%$3.59
STAR WARS Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
STAR WARS Rebellion$3.59$5.9940%$3.59
STAR WARS Republic Commando$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
STAR WARS Starfighter$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
STAR WARS: Dark Forces$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
STAR WARS: Rogue Squadron 3D$5.99$9.9940%$5.99
STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Special Edition$5.99$9.9940%$5.99
STAR WARS: X-Wing Alliance$5.99$9.9940%$5.99
STAR WARS: X-Wing Special Edition$5.99$9.9940%$5.99
STAR WARS: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter$5.99$9.9940%$5.99
STASIS: Deluxe Edition$19.99$24.9950%$19.99
STASIS: Deluxe Edition Upgrade$7.49$4.9950%$7.49
Sam & Max Hit the Road$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
Satellite Reign$17.99$29.9940%$17.99
Satellite Reign - Artbook$2.39$3.9940%$2.39
Satellite Reign - Reboot Prequel Novella$2.39$3.9940%$2.39
Satellite Reign - Soundtrack$4.79$7.9940%$4.79
Sea Dogs$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, The$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator$1.19$5.9980%$1.19
Shadow Warrior (2013)$3.99$39.9990%$3.99
Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut$2.99$14.9980%$2.99
Shadowrun: Hong Kong$9.99$19.9950%$9.99
Shadowrun: Hong Kong Deluxe Edition$14.99$29.9950%$14.99
Shadowrun: Hong Kong Deluxe Edition Upgrade$4.99$9.9950%$4.99
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove$9.99$24.9933%$9.99
Space Quest 1+2+3$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Space Quest 4+5+6$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast$3.99$9.9960%$3.99
Star Wars: Rebel Assault 1 + 2$5.99$9.9940%$5.99
Starship Titanic$2.99$5.9950%$2.99
Tales of Maj'Eyal$1.79$6.9974%$1.79
Tales of Maj'Eyal: Ashes of Urh'Rok$0.99$3.9975%$0.99
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure$3.99$19.9980%$3.99
Tex Murphy: Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Tex Murphy: Overseer$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon$2.49$9.9975%$2.49
The Dig$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
The Last Federation Collection$12.49$24.9950%$12.49
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky$9.99$19.9950%$9.99
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC$26.99$29.9910%$26.99
The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Enhanced Edition$2.99$19.9985%$2.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt$29.99$39.9950%$29.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone$8.99$9.9910%$8.99
The Witcher Adventure Game$2.99$9.9970%$2.99
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition$1.49$9.9985%$1.49
Titan Souls$4.99$14.9966%$4.99
Titan Souls: Digital Special Edition$6.69$19.9966%$6.69
Titan Souls: Digital Special Edition Upgrade$1.69$4.9966%$1.69
Towerfall: Ascension$3.79$14.9974%$3.79
Towerfall: Ascension - Dark World$4.99$9.9950%$4.99
Ultimate General: Gettysburg$4.49$14.9970%$4.49
Uplink: Hacker Elite$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Valhalla Hills$26.99$19.9910%$26.99
Valhalla Hills: Two-Horned Helmet Edition$35.99$29.9910%$35.99
Venom. Codename: Outbreak$1.49$5.9975%$1.49
Victor Vran$9.99$19.9950%$9.99
World of Goo$1.99$9.9980%$1.99
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders$2.39$5.9960%$2.39
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Earn free games while shopping: Divine Divinity for spending 5 USD or more and Blackguards Special Edition for spending 50 USD or more.

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