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Claim a FREE Steam key for Demolish & Build 2017

Furrek | 2017-12-30 20:01:01 UTC
Claim a FREE Steam key for Demolish & Build 2017

Claim a FREE Steam key for Demolish & Build 2017, thanks to Marvelousga. Detailed instructions below.

In order to claim your free Steam key, you need to:

The Steam key will appear on the same page. Enjoy!

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2018-01-03 20:36:36 UTC
Only 24 steps to preform before you get the $5 game!
Visit websites: 2
Join Steam Groups: 6
Add games you don't want to your wish list: 3
Follow Curators you don't want: 4
Kickstart games you don't want: 2
Annoy 10 friends: 2
Follow Twitters: 3
Like on Facebook: 2
Follow Twitchers: 2
Watch youtube: 1
Join someone's Discord: 1

Add 25 steps cause you have to verify each one separately, then a captcha.
Add x steps cause you have to create accounts for each site for them to verify and grant them access to verify.
Get flooded by pushes from all 54 of these 3rd parties.

Endorsed games you don't want: 5
This causes games you don't want to be produced, and false positivity for unwanted games.
Nobody wins.
This is the downfall of gaming society. Don't falsely claim you want a game that you do not want.
2018-01-03 23:24:10 UTC
Be glad that Greenlight is no longer around, there would be few more "Vote and comment XYZ game on Greenlight!" tasks Wink So far only Marvelousga is getting this annoying with the number and variety of tasks and you are right, but sadly there is nothing that will stop this thing.