About us

Gaming: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Salenauts. Its mission: to explore strange new stores, to seek out new deals and new promotions, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Salenauts can be best described as the ultimate “all-in-one” tool for PC gamers who love saving on their games. It combines features of a price comparison website with traditional blog format and community forum. With us, you can keep track of the latest deals, discount codes, game bundles and giveaways of free games. Our collections system allows you to aggregate your digital games with multiple DRMs into one united library. You can also create your personalized wishlist of games and get notified when your favourite title is discounted. We made sure you can do all that with maximum comfort – whether you browse from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

The team of Salenauts has almost 3 years of experience gained from running a similar project dedicated to the Polish community (lowcygier.pl). We are passionate gamers ourselves and we can easily distinguish a good deal from a merely average one. Our biggest strengths are honesty and reliability. What you see right now at Salenauts is  just a base on which we want to build. We aim to make this project something big and we know that we have enough passion and experience to make this dream a reality.

However, our plans are barely an illusion without a strong community base. We hope you enjoy what we have prepared for you so far. If you have any comments or suggestions, be aware that your feedback will be invaluable to us. The voice of our community will always remain the highest priority and will be a beacon for our website’s future.