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G2A Deal - October 2017

Furrek | 2017-10-05 14:22:22 UTC
G2A Deal - October 2017

Pay €2.99 for Plantera, Alien Shooter TD, The Beggar's Ride, Dungeon Rushers, Western Press.

As you might know, G2A is not an official distributor of digital games - it's more like online auction site, where everybody can sell the games for Steam, Origin and other platforms, without any way to confirm where the keys are coming from. However, G2A Deal (monthly bundle from G2A) is different. According to G2A Deal reveal news, every month-long offer is created in close cooperation with game developers and publishers. The keys will be delivered directly from developers, so you don't need to worry about them coming from some unknown source.


  • The price of €2.99 is available for one-time buyers. If you choose the monthly membership, which can be unsubscribed at any time, you can pay only €2.49 for the 7th edition of G2A Deal. If you are living in the EU, a VAT charge might be applied to your order.
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