We write about discounts on digital games from trusted stores, game bundles as well as giveaways of free games.  

Offers aggregated in the compilation article relate to the stores that are not currently supported in our system. They are grouped together in a blog-post so that you don’t miss any important information, whilst we work on expanding the number of tracked stores. As soon as the new store is added to our database, its deals will be shown in a separate news.

We aim to continuously expand the number of tracked stores. We hope to support more than 20 of them by September 2015.

We currently support over 20 regions worldwide. Adding more depends entirely on the community. If we get a large number of request from users from a particular country, we will definitely aim to expand our coverage to suit their needs.

It depends on multiple factors, community's opinion being the most important one. We are aware of the fact that many gamers don’t like the risk of purchasing their games from stores that can’t be fully trusted. If we ever happen to add key resellers to our system, we will make sure that readers are able to hide offers from unauthorised resellers in their account settings if they wish, so that their experience on the website remains unaffected.

All game cards are created by hand by our database operators. Creating these cards for every single game available to purchase online would be simply too difficult. We assumed that games not available on Steam/Origin/Uplay/GOG are usually too minor to have their own cards. We will however make an effort to continuously expand our game database.

It is currently impossible, since neither GOG, Uplay nor Origin provides relevant technical measures to create similar functionality. Should this change in the future, we will improve our Collections and allow you to synchronize your games from more digital stores.

We will be looking for ways of expanding our website to other branches of the market. All we can say at this point is that Salenauts will be a completely different place in 1-2 years from now.

Some of the stores featured on Salenauts offer us percentage of the sale if the game was purchased through our links. Our participation in affiliate programmes has however no affect on your experience here. It helps us maintain the website, pay remuneration to our editors/moderators and allows us to add new features and functionalities.

By purchasing games through our links, you directly support Salenauts. We really appreciate it.

Theoretically, purchasing digital games is only available to customers with a legit US address. In practical terms however, nothing stops you from making up a random US address (ie. through http://namegenerator.in/) and putting it as a home address in your account settings. Doing so is against Amazon Games and Software Terms of Use, but Amazon’s stance so far has been very liberal and your account should remain safe.

Providing a randomly generated US address should allow you to purchase most of the digital games at Amazon.com. However, you will not be able to purchase any titles from Rockstar or 2K Games without a valid US registered debit/credit card!

Use this knowledge at your own responsibility.

Please refer to the paragraph above regarding Amazon.com. The situation is exactly the same, except that this time the digital games are only available to Amazon customers with a valid UK address.

If you have any questions regarding giveaways, send us an e-mail via our contact form.

No, we can’t. We do not advertise third party contests. We only write about third party giveaways in which each participant receives their key, such as developer giveaways or store promotions.

Thank you for your kind offer, but unfortunately, we can’t accept your key. In order to give away a key out to our readers, we need to be 100% sure that it hasn’t been used. You can however use our forum to give your game to another member of our community.

Giveaways of free games which involve drawing winners by random are published under “sweepstakes” category.

Giveaways of free games in which every single person can claim a free key are published under “giveaways” category

We are a growing community and cooperating with us at this early stage can provide you with benefits and discounts in the future when the word of Salenauts is widely spread.

Please get in touch with us via the contact form at Salenauts.com/contact. We will be very happy to get in touch with you about our current capabilities.

In order for your store to be added, you need to fulfil 3 criteria:

  • We require frequently updated product feeds with information regarding current & retail price and DRM of your products. If your store doesn’t have such feeds, we can still cooperate, but we might not be able to cover all regions worldwide. Also, if such event occurs, we will need your acceptance for our parsers to scan your website in search for relevant data.

  • Adding new store generates recurring costs which include webmaster fees for building a new parser and providing constant technical support, fees for database operators who link your products to Salenauts game cards as well as fees for editors who publish your news. We won’t be able to cover these costs without a competitive affiliate programme. If your store doesn’t run such programme, we can account for our advertising services in Cost-per-Click (CPC) marketing model.

  • We want to do our work the best we can. It is therefore really beneficial for both parties if we can obtain a direct contact with a store representative and get notified about the promos before they launch, get the full list of discounted products, information about the end date of promos as well as some high quality media for our news. The more you can give to us, the better we can advertise your deals.

We really want to expand our database. If you think your store is a worthy addition, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the the contact form at Salenauts.com/contact.

Yes! We would love to cooperate with you and we can advertise your social fanpages as part of the deal. However, we aim to publish only high quality giveaways. One Steam key will simply not be enough to get coverage on Salenauts.

Please contact us via Salenauts.com/contact and let us know what you have in store. If you want to give away hardware, you will unfortunately have to take care for its delivery (and its costs).