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Claim a FREE copy of MX vs ATV Reflex

Furrek | 2018-06-01 16:05:05 UTC
Claim a FREE copy of MX vs ATV Reflex

Claim a FREE copy of MX vs ATV Reflex, thanks to GameSessions. Detailed instructions below.

In order to get MX vs ATV Reflex (GameSessions version) for free, you must:

  • Visit this MX vs ATV Reflex product page
  • Press "DOWNLOAD FREE GAME" button
  • Run installer, download game and play it for 5 minutes to activate and keep it on GameSessions forever


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2018-06-01 17:12:12 UTC
Four times! Four times I tried to play for 5 minutes, but the game closes after three minutes and says "session ended - application closed", then the launcher proceeds to ask me why I left so early. Is this normal?
I tried installing the game to another drive but not even that worked. 
Why can't they just just give you a steam key like everyone else?
2018-06-01 17:27:15 UTC
This giveaway just started today (few hours ago) so maybe it's due to large number of people trying to get this game? It's not like they will run out of free copies, and there are still 13 more days, so maybe try it later. Also, there have reasons why they don't give Steam keys:
GameSessions' Rep on Reddit: Wrote:Steam keys are great. We (GameSessions) let you buy the key for cheap during the Giveaway - that gives you the choice, and those sales help pay for the free copy for everyone. Also, because there’s a 5 min time you have to play to activate, the developers get as many people as possible playing their game. They really want that as it helps spread the word. With Steam key Giveaways, it’s common for only a very small percentage of the keys to be played - my Steam library is full of those!

Sometimes we give away games that have sponsors - either charities looking to get the word out, or companies looking to reach gamers. Getting people playing the games help get those messages out - helping the charities or the sponsors who are helping to pay for the free games.

So, please buy a Steam key from us if you can, if not please enjoy the free copy on us!
2018-06-01 17:37:34 UTC
I am currently installing the game on my laptop running windows 7 to see if it fairs any better there (my desktop where I tried it before is W10, I dont know if that matters or not, but hey its worth a try).
Fingers crossed!

Well, that seems to have done the trick for me, no more crashing! 
But I wouldn't recommend playing the game with a keyboard and trackpad, I kept falling over every time I tried to pop a wheelie!  Big Grin