The Team

Shuttle Pilots

Michał Bryks

Forum profile: remike
Twitter: @remike_
E-mail: remike[at]

Head-Salenaut. UK resident that loves bargains and collectibles. A graduate of the prestigious conservatory in London, who wasted musical talent on computer games. Maniac of Hearthstone, who now and then enjoys a good cRPG and oldschool Japanese thriller. He created from scratch, while not having a clue about web design and programming. The local success enabled him to carry out works on the international project which, after two years, emerged as

Robert Korulczyk

Forum profile: rob006
E-mail: webmaster[at]

Man for the dirty work. It is he who makes everything work as intended, but people remember him only when something suddenly stops. Professionally he deals with the impossible, however never meets the deadline. On Salenauts he is responsible for website's technical issues.

Tomek Leszczyński

Forum profile: teufel

Tomek created the visual design of Salenauts.


Krzysztof Adamus
Chief Marketing Manager

Forum profile: spooklevsky
Twitter: @KrzysztofAdamus

Krzysiek is a big fan of One Piece, Airsoft guns, Asian cuisine, social media, and Nintendo (the order is not accidental). For more than 10 years he is professionally associated with the marketing and advertising industries. His adventure with the electronic entertainment began with Amiga 500 and NES, and the first video game he has bought with his own earned money was The Ultimate Stuntman and Micro Machines, which he plays to this day. Krzysiek is co-responsible for creating the Salenauts marketing strategy and contacts with business partners.


Crew members


Forum profile: Rebon7
Twitter: @Rebon7

Call me Chris. I love video games, milk chocolate and listening to rock or chillout music. I’m a gamer loyal to the PC Master Race, preferring deep, complicated and possibly realistic games with absorbing story. I also enjoy watching CS:GO broadcasts. A student with scientific mind, interested in astronomy, a little bit in history and a future engineer - trust me. I give my heart to make Salenauts a better place.

Editor, Database Operator

Forum profile: shav
Twitter: @Shav_HG

25 years old student from Poland. I started playing video games when I was 10, my first ones were Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat yet, I'm not a psychopath. Owner of multiple gaming systems and way too many games on Steam. I enjoy all good games, regardless of a genre and platform. Apart from gaming I also love good food, music and B movies.


Forum profile: Nasty Hero

Just your average neighborhood hero. His main passion is music with his favorite musician being Nick Cave. Doesn't mind some classic and/or heavier stuff as well. As for books and films/shows, his favorite themes are crime and dystopian (favorite show - Sherlock, favorite book - 1984). Obviously, he likes to play PC games as well. Currently studying Software Engineering.



Forum profile: Keth

Law studies graduate, who takes life with a grain of salt. Fan of computer games - from the classic RPGs, through the turn-based strategy, to the action and racing games. In his youth he wasted thousands of hours on the MMORPGs (Guild Wars, Aion), but recently plays much less. DC Universe lover - has majority of the DC Comics published in Poland in recent years. TV Shows maniac, sometimes he watches a dozen different series in a week. To this day he can't get over cancellation of his beloved Firefly. Favourite movie? Star Wars all the way, he has high hopes of the new trilogy.